TicksBuster-trap helps reduce the number of active ticks in your home district. Tick trapis safe for the environment, people and pets because pesticides are not needed.


During its life the tick undergoes three stages of development: from larva to nymph and then to adult. At every stage it needs a blood meal to develop further. In the Finnish climate, the development from one phase to other takes about one year. Blind, blood-thirsty ticks smell heat, carbon dioxide and movement and seize with their front legs to a passing animal or human.

More information about ticks: video (2:02)

Watch the video on the site to see how ticks seize to humans and videos on how to remove the tick correctly.

An adult tick lays up to 2 000 eggs.


The brain infection (TBE, tick-borne encephalitis, Kumlingen disease), is at worst a serious disease. There is no healing treatment for the brain infection, but it can be protected against it by vaccination.

Lyme disease or Borreliosis is another disease that is spread by tick. Borreliosis is caused by a bacterium that is spread by the tick. It is significantly more common than tick-borne encephalitis. It is not possible to protect against borreliosis by vaccination.

Stick gear can help to reduce the risk of diseases caused by tick bites.



The TicksBuster-trap includes a sustainably produced 100% cotton fabric about 1000 x 1400 mm, with lead weights and a telescopic arm with pull-cords. The attractiveness of gear can be increased by heat and carbon dioxide. In this way, the fabric resembles as much as possible a passing animal or human, and the active stick is willing to seize on the dragged by fabric.

Heat is produced in the gear with heating pads. When the heating pad is removed from the sales package (plastic), the heating pad comes into contact with the air, which results in the contents of the bag becoming warm.

The maximum temperature of approximately 40-50 degrees is reached after about 15 minutes and the temperature lasts approximately 5 hours. There are 3 pockets sewn to the gear for pads, where 1-3 pillows taken from plastic, are placed, i.e. they are not heated properly in open space.

The heating pad is "disposable", but when you want to interrupt the heat cushion, it will be placed in a closed plastic bag, for example, in a closable plastic bag that comes with the delivery, where the heat pad does not get air and its function ceases. When the pad is taken from the plastic bag again, the operation continues and after 15 minutes the bag is warm.

The heating pad contains: iron powder, activated carbon, vermiculite, salt and water

Carbon dioxide is produced in the gear with the Co2 cartridge. In the human’s out-breathing air there is about 4% carbon dioxide, which is detected by ticks. Carbon dioxide is a tasteless and odorless gas for humans which is heavier than air and when released it sinks towards ground.

The control valve is circumvented to the carbon dioxide cartridge (16 G or 25 g) by. The cartridge with valves is fitted with a fastener to the coupling head of the gear.

The valve is opened only a few millimeter and carbon dioxide begins to release from the cartridge and the valve is placed between the fabric and the terrain.

The three cartridges of 16 grams or two 25 grams will last for approximately five (5) hours when the gas is released with a very small adjustment. The gas entry must be closed from the valve when the gear is no longer used. When the container becomes empty, a new container is replaced.

The supplied valve can also be used as a pump together with the Co2 container, additional nozzles are available.

Carbon dioxide can also be produced by dry ice (-79 C degrees), which is almost 100% carbon dioxide. We do not deliver dry ice.

The gear can also be used without a heating pads or Co2 cartridge, but then the power of the gear decreases.

Tick dragging

Pull the gear at a slow walking pace in places where ticks thrive, and they will seize to the fabric dragged by. For best results, drag the gear to the side where you haven't walked. The lead band at the lower end of the fabric keeps the gear adequate to the terrain. The right height of the top end of the fabric in terrain is slightly elevated, about 10 cm, so that the gear pass evenly over the grass. The height of the upper end from the ground is set by the adjustable pull arm. It is useful to get around the explored area first, for example, in the South/North direction and then continue in the east/west direction, when the whole area will be well raked. From time to time, the gear must be turn over, examined and removed the catch, and at the same time checking that the gas becomes from the Co2 container. Fresh masking tape is a good collection tool i.e. take a small piece of masking tape and place it on the tick, allowing the tick to seize to the tape and in addition, the tape can fold the adhesive side together, allowing the tick to remain inside the masking tape. It is good to collect the tape pieces, for example, in a freezer box and when the catching is ended, the catch is burned. Ticks are mostly underneath the fabric, but ticks are also accumulating above the fabric.

In rainy, windy weather and in heat, it is not advisable to catch ticks.

Protective clothing

We recommend that the drafter of the gear is properly protected, for example with white protective pants or breathable white disposable overalls with boots, it is ideal for protective clothing. The protective pants or overalls can be easily checked after catching for any ticks that may have been stick on it and pick them up. The legs can be taped to the boots with air conditioning tape.

TicksBuster trap should be dragging a few times in the summer because ticks are active at different times, depending on when they have received their previous blood dose. The gear never gets the whole area free from ticks, that is, the more active the gear is used, the fewer ticks that seize humans and domestic animals in your home district.

The trap is not recommended to use in rain or if the lawn is damp. The collector must not use any fragrances or insect repellents. When using TicksBuster trap regularly, humans and his/her pets have safer environment to move in the places where gear is used. The collection of ticks on a regular basis can lead to a significant reduction in the tick population.

TicksBuster is not responsible for any possible consequences for the trap users caused by the tick bite.

An international patent application (PCT application) has been filed for TicksBuster trap.

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